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Julien C.

mardi 6 juin 2006

I have never been to the north of France because we always go to the Alps . I liked our school trip because it was better than a week at school and the food was better than it is in the canteen. The best dinner was the last one : we ate spaghetti !
This trip taught me a lot of things about industry and we had a good time. But I wouldn’t like to live in the Ruhr because it is less beautiful than my village is, it is so industrial !
I liked the visit of the Duisburg harbour. I wouldn’t like to be a miner because they had a hard life. We didn’t meet a lot of Germans but it didn’t matter because I can’t speak German anyway ! I slept on the coach on the way because I was tired. It was very late when we got back to school.
What about you, teachers ? Did you like Duisburg harbour ? Did you enjoy eating spaghetti ? Would you like to live in the Ruhr ? Do you often go to Germany ?
Thank you teachers for this trip !
I hope we’ll be able to go on another one next year.

Julien C.

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